Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rebecca Black Is The New Pop Sensation After Justin Bieber

With all due respect to Justin Bieber fans, here we have a female competitor against him and she is Rebecca Black, a young teenage music sensation who is topping the charts with his single "Friday" which has got more than 19 Million Youtube views till writing this news.
She has also topped the Twitter Worldwide Trends after getting in the top list of the most tweeted singer up till now. She will be giving tough time to Mr.Bieber according to the stats.
Listen to the track:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Justin Bieber New Look With Scarf & Sweater (PICTURE)

Comment About The New Justin Bieber Look With Scarf and Sweater. All Bieber fans

Military Action Will Start Against Libya Within Few Hours: French Spokesman

According to reliable resources , French spokesman has clearly said that Military actions will start against Libya for the freedom of Libyan people who have been victims of General Kaddafi for decades. French spokesman also said that it is private and confidential that which parts of Libya will be attacked, but the major reasons behind this operation is to make an end to the Kaddafi Government.
Earlier, Hillary Clinton has clearly said that U.S will always help anyone who will try to demolish current Libyan government. Many speculations are currently surrounding with the increasing interest of U.S in Libya's situation, Canadian forces has already been deployed at Libyan borders weeks ago and it seems that Libyan regime is about to end with some bloodshed and war with Middle East.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEWS FLASH : Pakistanis Reacts And Protests Against The Raymond Davis Verdict

Latest reports are coming that the Pakistani nation is reacting hardly against the decision about Raymond Davis Case.The current situation in Pakistan is getting much worse after the most unexpected result from Pakistani courts about Raymond Davis. The protesters have blocked road in Lahore near Lahore Press Club against the Raymond Davis case verdict in which the Pakistani courts declared him free of any charges.
Remember, Davis was involved in killing two Pakistani's on the streets of Lahore, he was caught red-handed shooting at both the victims. Later on, one of the victim's wife suicide and takes her life as she was not expecting the justice from the Pakistani Government.

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A Slap On Every Pakistani's Face: Raymond Davis Released

It is the best way to pay 'blood money'. Kill Pakistanis and then buy them, it is surely not a news but a slap to every Pakistani's  face that so called Pakistan's Independent Courts have released Raymond Davis according to all the legal procedures which were followed in the case. This is definitely a curious case of strange love and friendship of Pakistan's Government and American Diplomacy.
This case is not as simple as everybody thinks, many speculations are going around that Punjab Government have 'cashed' this case for their next term of government success.
Every CIA and intelligence agents are welcome to Pakistan to kill and pay for the Blood Money or they just have to shake hands with the corrupt government of Pakistan.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: President Husni Mubarak Resigns And Egyptians Celebrate

Breaking News for Egyptians around the globe is that President Husni Mubarak has left Cairo and resigns from the President's seat of Egypt. He and his wife has left the presidential residence in Cairo. The reports have been confirmed by the Egyptian State Tv.

We all know that the revolution has been going on from the last 18 days in Egypt and the whole system of the country has been put down.Millions of dollars have been at stake due to this revolution and at the end Husni Mubarak accepts the defeat and lefts the city under tight security as his life was in danger.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking News: Earthquake In Most Parts Of Pakistan

Breaking News: Earthquake In Most Parts Of Pakistan

I am here in Karachi and blogging it live with the earthquake jolts felt in most parts of the country. It is horrifying at this point of time as many people are still in bed for sleep. Karachi,Lahore and many big cities have been hit by this Earthquake.6.3 is the magnitude measured at Richter Scale.Some reports says it is 7.4. It was 1:23 AM local time in Pakistan when earthquake struck in Dalbandin near 34 miles west of the area which was reported as a center of Earthquake.

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